Pload for FreeBSD

Pload is a tool to display network interface statistics in an X window.

Contacting the Port Maintainer

If you experience any problems with the net/pload port, please send feedback to

Installing from Binary Packages

The version available as a binary package is:

To install a binary package for any of the supported FreeBSD platforms do this:

    # pkg install net/pload

To deinstall:

    # pkg delete pload-0.9.5

Installing using the FreeBSD Port

The current port version in the FreeBSD Port is:

To download and compile the port do this:

    # portsnap extract net/pload
    # cd /usr/ports/net/pload
    # make
    # make install

To deinstall:

    # cd /usr/ports/net/pload
    # make deinstall


Pload was written by Matt Smith with ideas and help from Christian Bauer, Scott Berg, David Brownlee, Mathieu Clabaut, Todd Larason, and Roland Smith.

Source Distributions

The port Makefile will pull the proper source distribution from the distribution website. If, however, you cannot get it, here is the version needed by this port update. Put this in /usr/ports/distfiles.