tdt(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual tdt(1)

TDcal calendar systray icon

tdt [-vx]

tdt is the systray icon for the TDcal(7) calendar system.

tdt runs in the background and puts an icon in the window manager system tray.

The icon shows the current calendar date.

Mousing over the icon shows a tooltip with the first ten forthcoming events from the next two weeks in the TDcal calendar.

Clicking on the systray icon opens the tdg(1) graphical user interface.

tdt supports the following command-line options:

Verbose mode. Displays a trace of what is going on, intended for debugging.
Displays a short explanation of command-line options.

The tdt daemon exits with a status >0 if an error occurred or if a signal is received. Otherwise it does not exit.

See TDcal(7).

td(1), tdd(1), tdg(1), TDcal(3), td(5), TDcal(7).

See TDcal(7).

See TDcal(7).
July 22, 2013 FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE