tdd(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual tdd(1)

TDcal calendar synchronization and notification daemon

tdd [-vx]

tdd is the synchronization and notification daemon for the TDcal(7) calendar system.

tdd runs in the background and periodically, according to scheduling directives in the configuration file (see td(5)), synchronizes local TDcal calendars with their remote CalDAV servers or fetches updates from iCalendar calendar sources.

tdd also provides alert notification messages to remind the user of forthcoming events. Notification messages are displayed on a terminal as a text message with a beep, or on an graphical display as a pop-up notification using either gxmessage(1) or xmessage(1). Notifications are displayed according to the user's own alert schedule preferences configured in the configuration file and not according to an event's iCalendar VALARM information which is ignored. Alerts are configured using the ‘alerts’ and ‘adealerts’ directives (see td(5)), which can be configured both globally and on a per-calendar basis.

tdd supports the following command-line options:

Verbose mode. Displays a trace of what is going on, intended for debugging.
Displays a short explanation of command-line options.

NLS language support in pop-up alerts.

The tdd daemon exits with a status >0 if an error occurred or if a signal is received. Otherwise it does not exit.

See TDcal(7).

gxmessage(1), td(1), tdt(1), tdg(1), xmessage(1), TDcal(3), td(5), TDcal(7).

See TDcal(7).

See TDcal(7).
July 22, 2013 FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE