TDcal::lock(3) FreeBSD Library Functions Manual TDcal::lock(3)

TDcal Perl programming library

use TDcal::lock;

$bool =
tdlock($calref, $lockfile, $lockmax);

$bool =
tdunlock($calref, $lockfile);

TDcal::lock provides functions to perform locking of TDcal calendar resources.

tdlock() acquires a lock for the calendar indicated by $calref. $lockfile names the locking file's name: the same $lockfile argument must be used by all code wishing to access the same calendar resource. Lock files are stored in the calendar's directory and should start with a leading period ‘'.'’ in order that they are not confused with event data files. The $lockmax argument gives the number of seconds that tdlock() should wait for the lock if it is already held by another process. tdlock() will check that any process already holding a lock still exists and will break the lock if such a process has already died.

tdunlock() releases a lock previously acquired from tdlock().

tdlock() and tdunlock() return a boolean $true or $false value to indicate success or failure.

TDcal(3), TDcal(7).

See TDcal(7).

See TDcal(7).
May 7, 2020 FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE