TDcal::const(3) FreeBSD Library Functions Manual TDcal::const(3)

TDcal Perl programming library

use TDcal::const;




TDcal::const defines constants used throughout the TDcal libraries and applications.

$true and $false are boolean values.

$error is used to represent an error condition and is often returned by functions which also return zero or a positive value in the case of no error.

$secs_in_hour, $secs_in_day, $secs_in_week, $mins_in_day, $mins_in_week and $hours_in_week are constants representing time periods, used to make code easier to read.

TDcal(3), TDcal(7).

See TDcal(7).

See TDcal(7).
May 10, 2018 FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE